Friday, September 3, 2010

Education Started

I have started my education with reading the book 'The Story of the Palatines, An Episode in Colonial History' by Stanford H. Cobb. The story was written in 1897 and published in 1988 by Heritage Books.

One thing I have noticed is that they sure wrote funny in 1897. Sometimes I have to re-read a passage to get the gist, at first read it seems in the negative with the words that were used, but in reality it was on a positive note. Maybe that was just the tired brain syndrome, but I will let you know.

In the introduction he says that the Palatines were overlooked because many thought of them as paupers and not worthy of note.

I had marked two passage last night that I thought were worth sharing.

"The volume of it was very remarkable. The doors of the Palatinate seemed to be set open wide, and through them poured for forty years an almost continuous stream of emigrants, their faces set steadfastly towards America. There was nothing else like it in the colonial period, for numbers and steadiness of inflow. There were nearly three thousand of these people in the company landed in New York in June and July of 1710. Though the arrivals in port of the ships bringing them were at intervals through five weeks, stormy seas having separated the vessels, yet the company was one, and sailed as such from England under one command and with one destination. This was the largest single company of immigrants to this country until long after the Revolution."


"Equally unexampled in the history of our colonial period is the story of the privation, distress, fraud, and cruel disappointment to which were subjected that large immigration to New York in I 7 10. Their experience was utterly unlike that of all other bodies of colonists."

Sounds like the beginning of a great drama, Privation, distress, fraud and cruel disappointment!

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