Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where did the Palatine name come from?

Why were this one group of immigrants/emigrants/colonist called Palatines?

The name, Palatinate is derived from the title of its ruler, it means principality of the Palatine.

The World Dictionary has Palatine listed:

palatine 1 (ˈpæləˌtaɪn) — adj
1. (of an individual) possessing royal prerogatives in a territory
2. of, belonging to, characteristic of, or relating to a count palatine, county palatine, palatinate, or palatine
3. of or relating to a palace — n
4. feudal history the lord of a palatinate
5. any of various important officials at the late Roman, Merovingian, or Carolingian courts
[C15: via French from Latin palātīnus belonging to the palace, from palātium; see palace ]

So if you were a Palatine, it only meant that you were under the rule of the Palatinate.

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