Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Failure

The failure of the experiment to make Navy stores with indentured servants was on course at this point. The home country (England) did not follow through with the promises of stipend for the the Palatines, the Palatines were not going to be mistreated and work too, and the very simple fact of the matter is that the trees in that part of New York did not produce very much pitch/tar and the stuff they did produce was not very good quality. (wrong kind of pine).

The mutiny of the Palatines was such that it is noted in journals "They would rather lose their lives than remain where they are". The more soldiers that Governor Hunter gather the more determined the Palatines were of moving to a different place, such as Schoharie as promised to them by the Indians.

The Governor in the end had to let all the Palatines disperse due to lack of funds. The home country only paid him $8,000 pounds and he spent another $20,000 pounds of his own estate in cash and credit to take care of the Palatines and the venture. As far as anyone knows Governor Hunter was never repaid.

We come to some sort of end to the story. The point of the book review was to get a sense of how the Palatines of this large group came to America. I will now take up the task as first pointed out in the blog description. I will attempt to discover the changes of the name that is my Ancestor's.

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